Myoma of the uterus


Myoma of the uterus is a benign, monoclonal, well-demarcated, encapsulated tumor originating from smooth muscle cells of the cervix or the body of the uterus. ⠀
🍁 Occurs in 20-40% of women of reproductive age who use
🍁 Localization of uterine fibroids is very diverse in different parts of the uterus with tumor growth in relation to the muscle layer of the uterus: ⠀

– intramural, ⠀cancer_cervical
– submucous, ⠀
– subserous, ⠀
– interlinking, ⠀
– cervical, ⠀

🍁Factors that increase the risk of developing fibroids: ⠀

🌾Early menarche ⠀
🌾Lack of labor in history ⠀
🌾 Age (late reproductive period) ⠀
🌾Obese ⠀
🌾Afro-American race ⠀
🌾 Taking tamoxifen 🍁 Factors that reduce the risk: ⠀
🌾High parity ⠀
🌾 Menopause ⠀
🌾 Smoking (but this does not mean that you have to start smoking) ⠀

Tumor growth initiator – remains unknown, although theories of initiating its formation exist: ⠀

🍁 An increase in estrogen and progesterone levels leads to an increase in mitotic activity, which can contribute to the formation of fibroid nodes, increasing the likelihood of somatic mutations. ⠀
The presence of a congenital genetically determined predisposition to myometrial pathology in women with uterine myoma is associated with an increase in the number of estrogen receptors in the myometrium. ⠀

⚡Clinic: ⠀chto-takie-mioma-matki-i-kak-ona-vyglyadit-na-uzi6

For a long time, it can pass without pronounced clinical manifestations. ⠀
🍁 Symptoms of uterine fibroids can be isolated or in various combinations, including ⠀
🍁 uterine bleeding, ⠀
pain, ⠀
🍁 dysfunctions of adjacent organs, ⠀
🍁 infertility, ⠀
🍁 endometrial hyperplasia, ⠀

⚡Diagnostics ⠀
– ultrasound of the pelvic organs ⠀
– spiral CT ⠀
– MRI ⠀

🍁 Myoma of the uterus becomes the main cause of hysterectomy in many countries, for example, in the USA, it is the basis for about 1/3 of all hysterectomies, which is about 200 thousand hysterectomies annually. In Russia, according to various sources, uterine fibroids are the cause of hysterectomy in 50-70% of cases with diseases of the uterus.

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