Homeopathy and Diabetes

Can Homeopathy Cure Diabetes? -some information about IDDM- INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES MELLITUS (IDDM) IDDM CAN DEVELOP AT ANY AGE, BUT USUALLY DOES SO IN CHILDHOOD, DURING TEENS OR IN EARLY ADULT-HOOD.WHAT CAUSES IT IS UNKNOWN, BUT IT MAY BE CAUSED BY A VIRUS WHICH LEADS TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ISLETS OF LANGERHANS WITHIN THE PANCREAS. WHATEVER THE CAUSE, THE PANCREAS STOPS MAKING INSULIN AND SYMPTOMS APPEAR QUICKLY AND SEVERELY. IF NOT TREATED PROMPTLY, YOUR BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVEL RISES. AS THE GLUCOSE CANNOT GET INTO THE CELLS, YOUR BODY BEGINS BURNING UP ITS FAT STORES TOO QUICKLY(KETOSIS) AND YOUR BREATH SMELLS OF ACETONE. YOU MAY VOMIT, BECOME DEHYDRATED AND FEEL DROWSY. LEFT UNTREATED, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LAPSE INTO A COMA. Please note: DONT STOP TAKING INSULIN INJECTIONS AND TAKE HEALTHY DIET ACCORDINGLY. -Something about homoeopathy- Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which has a different approach to disease and remedy from that of conventional or Allopathic medicine. In the Allopathic approach, medicines are used that work against diseases and their symptoms. In Homoeopathy, the symptoms of an illness are viewed as a direct manifestation of the body’s attempt to heal itself and a Homoeopathic substance is given that is capable of producing similar symptoms if given to a well person. In so doing, Homoeopathic attempts to stimulate the body’s own natural healing capacity with Homoeopathic remedies acting as a trigger for the body’s own healing forces. The disease is intimately associated with the life of the individual and is a result of internally concealed causes and also external causes (environment, viral and bacteriological diseases, traumatisms ). NO TWO PERSONS ARE EXACTLY ALIKE. EACH INDIVIDUAL BEING MADE UP OF PARTICULAR CHARACTERISTICS: Specific signs, and symptoms, the form of the body, the attitude: Sthenic or Asthenic or Normal and other phenomena will be the objectives of the physicians researches. Homoeopathic Treatment for Diabetic Patients: Take using the following remedies Insulinum 30 once daily in the morning Pancreatinum 30 once daily

Syzygium Jambo Q twice before meals 10 drops in water.