Klein wants public input for health-care reform

If you have Medicare and secondary insurance, you may qualify to receive your supplies at no cost to you! Medicare pays 80% and most secondary insurance pays the remaining 20%. You pay only the deductible, if any.

How does our program work?
Once you complete the enrollment form, we will verify your insurance benefits and obtain a prescription from your doctor. Then we contact you to explain your benefits prior to shipping your first order. Every three months we will mail your supplies to your home-free of charge-anywhere in the country. We just need your authorization prior to each shipment. We will also work with your doctor to obtain a prescription every 12 months.

We accept assignment from you to bill Medicare and/or private insurance directly and allow the insurance approved fee for covered services. Our highly trained staff will handle all the necessary insurance paperwork on your behalf. No more complicated forms to fill out!

If you have Medicare insurance and are still going to the local pharmacy, we can help you get the supplies you need. Complete the enrollment form or call us toll free at 1-800-715-5031 and our friendly staff will determine your coverage and start you on our convenient, home delivery program.

Sign up today and we will start you with a brand new meter featuring the latest technology.

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