Diabetes Glossary V



An infection of the vagina usually caused by a fungus. A woman with this condition may have itching or burning and may notice a discharge. Women who have diabetes may develop vaginitis more often than women who do not have diabetes.


Relating to the body’s blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries).


A blood vessel that carries blood to the heart. See also: Blood vessels.

Visceral Neuropathy

See: Autonomic neuropathy.


Removing the gel from the center of the eyeball because it has blood and scar tissue in it that blocks sight. An eye surgeon replaces the clouded gel with a clear fluid. See also: Diabetic retinopathy.

Vitreous Humor

The clear jelly (gel) that fills the center of the eye.


To empty the bladder in order to obtain a urine sample for testing.